Saturday, May 7, 2011

81. The Pancreas (Noah Found Grace: Jamaican Gospel Music from the 1960s + '70s)

Our work should glorify the entire Mystical Body. That is our purpose. Outside of the Mystical Body, we have no purpose.

Fairly thankless, huh.

Nobody sends their pancreas a birthday card.

What would happen if you were to shun your purpose?

We would lose our privileges as members of the Mystical Body.

What is the Mystical Body?

The unity of humanity with the Head, who is Christ.

What would happen if you were to shun your purpose?

Have you ever seen a person lose their pancreas?

I... yes.

It's painful.

It's painful to watch.

It's painful to be watched, if you don't have a pancreas.

Friday, April 29, 2011

80.He's very protective of his drugs... (Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - Bob Dinners and Larry Noodles Present Tubby Turdner's Celebrity Avalanche)

He's very protective of his drugs. He loves them, he loves their names and the way '-ol' sounds like 'all.' He loves and considers their well-considered shapes. And he loves their contraindications. This one doesn't play well with that one, it was always thus. This one makes that one a real bull in a china shop. This one just eggs on that other one so much and that's usually such a gentle little pill. He could be... no, I mean, he was, once... flat on his ass in the middle of the warehouse district, nestled in a pile of all that urban jetsam that is always getting thrown back. He was weeping. He was arching his back. He was in distress. Mayhap... maybe, I said, that this current spasm of emotion might have something to do with your new regime of [name of drug redacted under advice of counsel]? And he leapt up, the pain on his face suddenly gone and replaced with entreaty. He brushed what looked like a dozen Tootsie Pop wrappers off of his upper back. No, I'm just under all this stress, you know? I'm just not expressing myself fully.... To which I replied, but you always say that. I'm not making a moral judgment against [name redacted]. I don't have anything against how [name redcated] goes about its business. There isn't a moral judgment to be made, it's a substance, the moral judgments would be levied at the users. I have a problem, kind of a problem with how it's working for you... He looked like he was going to take a chunk out of me right there. He looked like he was ready to roll for initiative... I swiftly backed down and gave the universal incantation for swiftly backing down: I'm just sayin'. And of course later we tenderly bundled him into the cab, another real mother and child moment, the taxi driver knew the deal.

And he was normally well-medicated or at least just medicated enough to be a lamb. I think I know what angered him. First I think what angered him was that I brought it up in the first place. He was tender, he was protective about his pills. He didn't want me coming in and saying they weren't doing their job, because he saw himself as right there in the thick of it, working next to his drugs. Forging a radiant peace and sobriety, he and his drugs sweating it out in the foundry. What right did I have and say someone wasn't doing their job? What did I know, with my doctor-suggested drug regime and my talking cures?

Doubly irksome it must have been, then, when I even brought up the concept of morality, even in a negative sense. And triply, that I suggested that I believed that [name of drug redacted by editor] didn't have a moral weight. He thinks it does, that it is dense with morality, you take it and it plunges down your throat and it leaves behind it a surging wake of benevolent gravitas. Its weight provides a moral anchor. Actively. The final insult then was that I was denying the pill, and by extension the rest of his psychopharmaceutical pantheon... that I was denying the pill agency. As the way of the constellations of the zodiac are thought by some to suggest courses of action, for him the constellations of oral suspensions, muscular injections... when weighed on the scale of indication and contraindication... urged a certain way of acting that was proper and efficient for whatever moral situation might arise. He would receive certainty and a true north from his drugs. Not needing intuition, being for all purposes ridden by his psychopharmacology, he walked serenely and with divine confidence from room to room, block to block, city to city.

Monday, April 18, 2011

79. The Sex Train (Kid Creole Presents: The Former 12-Year Old Genius)

next stop: sex. all aboard for: sex. all cars for: sex. destination: ultimate pleasure. next stop: sex. ticket please, sir.

here you are.

very nice, sir. a lifetime pass. a real grand tour, sir?

don't you know it.

bent over the backboard with a ball gag is very nice this time of year.

it most certainly is. you can hear the fucking thirty miles down the coast some nights.

i really do like it. any time of year, but . this is especially nice right now. boy do i love my job, and i love this train, the sex train.

i don't know why more people aren't on it.

who can say? people are funny, sir.

we all have our kinks, eh?

ha ha. you could say that, sir.

just did.

ha ha. good one, sir. well, i gotta move on down. next stop: sex, and you're on the mind-blowing fuckorama express, destination: blow your fucking mind. ticket, ma'am? very good.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

78. Appropriate Emotional Response: A Beginner's Guide (Broadcast - Live "Black Sessions"; Microtonics vols. 1 and 2)

*Gestures, in medium shot, towards well-lit jewelry display case, in which SUBJECT is fondly rummaging about*

This one *points to gently faceted pink pill* is for sleeping that special Sleep of the Just. Oh, and next to it, that's for waking up without fear of the previous night. They go hand in hand, that's why they're next to each other.

Yeah, every pill corresponds to an emotional response. and you know, people seem to have, uh, a lot of them, emotional responses. So I carry a lot of these with me, and while my emotional response reaction time might be a little, uh, behind, I can... you know, respond with the best of them. Eventually.

This one is great. *Picks up a gray pill with tiny neon green lettering* This one, I don't know if it ever got to the market, but I got it off the internet, pretty rare. It gives you the feeling that maybe you're taking too many pills. A nagging feeling. Specialized but just the thing at, uh, at times. *Looks at pill for a moment before swallowing it*

77. How I Found God (Daniel Higgs - Ancestral Songs)

I just torrented God. I'm, like, dicking around on the pirate bay, right? And there's this one torrent, it's like, 180 GB or something, and it's called, "NEATO." Well, why not? It don't cost nothing. So I start dl-ing the thing and promptly forget about it. Well, fast forward about a year or something, last week it was a year or something, I remember this old laptop I stuck behind the bed, and it's been downloading this shit all the while and it says "download complete." So I just run the .exe file, cause I forgot I even had the damn laptop so who cares if it fucks up and it sets up. Takes a while. And while the installer bar is getting longer the power is going wiggy and there's lightning and shit. Real fucked up. So it installs and I run it and the command prompt box comes up! That's it! Well, whoop de fuckin do! But then I see that instead of "command prompt" on the little bar, it says "GOD." Alright, I'm not a sucker, I'm the world's biggest sucker. So, for kicks, I just type in 'dir,' right? And fuck me if the name of everyone in the world starts going past, superfast but I, like, somehow know every name as it goes by. Like, I know it's the name of everyone in the world. So that finishes up and I'm like, fuck man, so I make an onion sandwich and come back and I'm macking on this sandwich and I remember Lou Appich, this little fucking weasel rich kid who made my life hell in high school. And he would get his dick sucked because he had a cool car cause his dad had like a Jaguar dealership or some shit. And he would always come by with his posse and take my lunch. Wouldn't even eat it, just take it and spit on it and throw it in the trash. So I'm looking at this GOD prompt and I type 'del lou appich\dick.' That'll teach that fucker. So I forget about it and then I'm watching the news and the guy says "first up: local car salesman loses dick in firearms accident" and I look at my laptop and the fucker is fucking LEVITATING and motherfucker, it is a hell of a life.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

76. Top Autonomous Zones for the Week of May 2-9, 2010 (Harry Pussy - In an Emergency You Can Shit on a Puerto Rican Whore)

1) when miss ulrich was sick and the school forgot to get a sub so the janitor sat in for her

2) back of jeff's station wagon (fifth week running)

3) 1052 alameda avenue until the pigs showed up

4) this scenic overlook.

5) penny landsman's uterus (not confirmed)

75. Two- Car Funeral (Tod trauer Trapani - Field Recordings of Sicilian Funeral Bands during the Holy Week)

Jim is setting up a two-car funeral.

"How many cars do we need," he asks.

"Two," I say.

"But there's three mourners," he says.

"One car for the corpse, one car for the mourners," I say.

"Isn't that three cars," he says. I notice he hums quietly after every sentence.

"Two cars," I say.

"But they're wearing formal clothes," he says.

"They'll fit. Jesus," I say.

"So, three cars it is. Say, whose funeral is this," he asks.

"Yours," I say, picking up a hammer.

74. Grapevines (Freakwater - Old Paint)

"Jesus said, 'A grapevine has been planted away from the father. Since it is not strong, it will be pulled up by its root and will perish."-The Gospel of Thomas verse 40, translated by Marvin Meyer

When I came home from work, they were just finishing up. The panel van says KI Landscapes and has a sticker on the bumper that says "Free Soviet Jewry in Each Package." h, right, ha ha. And then I looked at the house.

They had taken the ivy down, ripped it right out of the stucco wall, leaving huge holes. We told em, trim it up, you know, don't wanna get too shaggy cause the neighbors might get restless. Well, they did that all right. The fucking plaster is falling out of these fucking POTHOLES in my house.

And the grapevines... we had planted the grapevines after Laura's second miscarriage. She said it might be good to get something living, something we could watch grow. I said fine, it would be a lot easier than having a kid around doing a Linda Blair act 24/7. I didn't say that last part aloud. So we got an arbor for the front walk and planted some concord grapes. I didn't have to water them so they were ok by me. And it had been a couple of years, a couple of desperate years and they too were getting shaggy so we asked KI Landscapes if they could, you know, trim em up. Cause you don't get any fruit unless it's on new growth.

So these fucking morons cut the loving grapevines down to nubs. And I know Laura is gonna say it's my fault... I walk over to the side yard and there's the guy, KI i guess, and his 12-year old son piling all our grapevines and grapes in a big heap.

"Hey," I started. The older guy grunted without looking up and the kid, some kid with a big-ass flop-mop of shiny black hair looks up and smiles.

"Y'all went a little far with the landscaping."

The older one gave a redneck version of the gallic shrug. I started to say something, when suddenly it hit me that there was fuck-all i could do, I couldn't fucking GLUE the fucking vines back. I reached for my wallet and handed the older guy the forty bucks, and he walked towards the front yard. He turned around before disappearing. "Kento, see if you can bring me them clippers."

I don't know why, but being left alone with the kid... maybe cause he can't fight back... I wanted to just break his face, just wipe that grin right off. I counted to ten, twenty, finally said, "You know, we've been growing those for a couple of years, and uh, they had a lot of grapes on em."

The kid picked up his dad's clippers and looked at the pile.

"All the grapes are still there," he said, pointing.

"Yeah. They are, I guess" I said.

They left and I wondered if i had enough time to go to the store for a quick beer and some mint gum before Laura came home. I was just starting to walk there when she pulled up. She looked at the house with horror.

"Hey honey. It's ok, honey" I said. "All the grapes are still there."

Monday, March 22, 2010

73. That Scene in Trainspotting (Underworld - Born Slippy Mixes)

Do you remember the scene in Trainspotting where Franco and Migs decide they are going to hold up an ice cream truck and they're planning the whole thing but Migs is getting progressively more fucked up on nutmeg and meanwhile Franco has decided to go shopping and he gets into a pointless fracas in the produce section of Sainsbury's and then he gets back to where Migs is and Migs is vomiting what smells like a brandy alexander into Franco's favorite fern and he (Migs) turns to Franco and says, "Ay, Franco, 'there is some married woman who will commit suicide in case her husband fails in business.' This evidently goes far beyond saying that if every married man fails in business some married woman will commit suicide. Yet note that since the Graph is on Metal it asserts a conditional proposition de inesse and only means that there is a married woman whose husband does not fail or else she commits suicide," and Franco says "och ay" and you think he's actually gonna be cool, like, open up to migs and not be such a "cunt" (a word that means something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in Wales which is where the movie is) but then he pulls a bottle of Buckfast fortified breakfast wine out of his cargo pants and drinks it and brains Migs because he (Franco) is an intractable asshole who can't over a darkie stealing his lucky string at recess when he was 8? Well, this was the song playing at the time (in the movie). And here are six mixes of that song for the next time you and your friends feel like recreating the scene in the privacy of your own apartment, squat, or Salvation Army dormitory.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

72. The Broadcasting System 1/4/10

1. "Picking Up Interference" - Trenchmouth - The Broadcasting System [Skene]
2. "Unknown" - Unknown - Shanghai Jazz
3. "F" - So - So
4. "Lock Stock and Teardrops" - Roger Miller - King of the Road
5. "Haunt Me" - Arab Strap - The Red Thread [Matador]
6. "Get Back Satan" - Reverend Roger L. Worthy and His Sister Bonnie Woodstock - Fire in My Bones [Tompkins Square]
7. "Unknown" - Unknown - Caucasia, Crossroads of East and West [Airmail]
8. "Rock and Roll Sermon" - Elder Beck - Fire in My Bones [Tompkins Square]
9. "Double Lock Your Mind" - Oneida - Anthem of the Moon [Jagjaguwar]
10. "Thung Kwian Sunrise" - Thai Elephant Orchestra - Thai Elephant Orchestra
11. "Unknown" - Unknown - Latvia: Music of Solar Rites
12. "It's a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl" - Faust - So Far
13. "From the Side of the Machine" - Tony Conrad and Faust - Outside the Dream Syndicate [Table of the Elements]
14. "Father, I Stretch My Arm to Thee" - Reverend G.W. Killens and Mt. Calvary Congregation - Fire in My Bones [Tompkins Square]
15. "Thung Kwian Sunrise" - Thai Elephant Orchestra - Thai Elephant Orchestra
16. "Lay Lady Lay" - Pete Drake - ... and His Talking Steel Guitar
17. "You Without Sin Cast the First Stone" - Isaiah Owens - Fire in My Bones [Tompkins Square]
18. "The First Mrs. Jones" - Smiley Bates - True Stories from Life's Other Side
19. "Black Diamond Express to Hell (Part 1)" - Rev. A.W. Nix - Goodbye Babylon [Dust-to-Digital]
20. "I Ride an Old Paint, I Ride an Old Paint" - Johnny Cash - Mean as Hell [Bear Family]
21. "Lay Lady Lay" - U.S. Maple - Purple on Time [Drag City]
22. "J'ai passe devant ta porte" - Cleoma Falcon - Prends Donc Courage
23. "Interference" - Trenchmouth - The Broadcasting System [Skene!]

71. Facebook and the Apocalypse (Lungfish Live at North Six, Brooklyn, 9.18.04)

Anders Haley is still in the basement of Holman Hall. It's a good thing thing they just restocked the vending machines!

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70. The Broadcasting System 12/28/09

If someone could do me a favor: I don't know if the filesplitter I'm using is rendering the files un-joinable to the masses. If anyone could tell me if s/he can't rejoin the files upon downloading, I'd be appreciative. I'm using Ashampoo to do it.

1. "Picking Up Interference" - Trenchmouth - The Broadcasting System [Skene!]
2. "Music" - Neil Hamburger - Left for Dead in Malaysia [Drag City]
3. "Innocent Little Doggie" - George Coleman - Bongo Joe
4. "Dog Trot" - Moondog - The Viking of Sixth Avenue
5. "Apollo" - OMD - Junk Culture
6. "(untranslated Chinese Song)" - Unknown - Unknown
7. "Too Late" - Wire - Chairs Missing [EMI]
8. "Drastic Classicism" - Rhys Chatham - Die Donnergotter [Table of the Elements]
9. "It is Narrow Here" - Eric Zann - Ouroborindra [Ghost Box]
10. "Dance from Rize on the Black Sea" - Unknown - Songs and Dances from Turkey [Folkways]
11. "Among my Souvenirs" - Vernon Dalhart - Original Recordings - Mister '78
12. "Twin guitar rhodes viola drone" - Keith Fullerton Whitman - Antithesis [Kranky]
13. "Shamas-ud-doha, Badar-ud-doja" - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Shahen-Shah [Real World]
14. "Surrender to the Night" - Trans Am - Surrender to the Night [Thrill Jockey]
15. "Threshold" - Eric Zann - Ouroborindra [Ghost Box]
16. "The Farmer's Dream" - Frank Ferreira - Victrola Favorites [Dust-to-Digital]
17. "Avocado Orange" - David Grubbs - The Coxcomb [Drag City]
18. "D" - Codeine - Frigid Stars [Sub Pop]
19. "unknown Chinese vocalist" - Unknown - Unknown
20. "The Cuckoo" - Pelt - Ayahuasca
21. "Voolas" - Eric Zann - Ourobindros [Ghost Box]
22. "House on Fire" - Moonshake - Dirty and Divine [C/Z]
23. "Crumbling Down" - Polvo - Exploded Drawing [Merge]
24. "Too Far Gone" - My Dad is Dead - The Taller You Are The Shorter You Get
25. "Interference" - Trenchmouth - The Broadcasting System [Skene!]

69. My Internet Snack with Slender Man (Big Black Rarities)

crazywigglyarms86: sup
steelydanphanroxx: hello.
crazywigglyarms86: sup
steelydanphanroxx: to whom am i typing.
crazywigglyarms86: check out my name
steelydanphanroxx: yeah man, that's pretty neat. who is this.
crazywigglyarms86: woooooooooo look out your window
steelydanphanroxx: what.
crazywigglyarms86: i'm outside your window
steelydanphanroxx: no you're not. there's nothing out there. there's a bird.
crazywigglyarms86: what kinda bird
steelydanphanroxx: a black bird. a crow.
crazywigglyarms86: a spooky crow
steelydanphanroxx: no a crow.
crazywigglyarms86: my evil minyun
steelydanphanroxx: what.
crazywigglyarms86: evil minyun
steelydanphanroxx: do you mean 'minion?'
crazywigglyarms86: no fag
steelydanphanroxx: because 'minyun' isn't a word.
crazywigglyarms86: fag
steelydanphanroxx: is that you colin?
crazywigglyarms86: no
crazywigglyarms86: this is SLENDERMAN
steelydanphanroxx: no way!
crazywigglyarms86: way
steelydanphanroxx: really.
crazywigglyarms86: yeah man check out my aim name SLENDERMAN has crazy fucking arms
steelydanphanroxx: yeah.
crazywigglyarms86: im an eldritch motherfucker
steelydanphanroxx: that's cool.
crazywigglyarms86: don't get on my bad side mate
steelydanphanroxx: that's from that youtube.
crazywigglyarms86: yeah
steelydanphanroxx: that's funny shit.
crazywigglyarms86: yeah
steelydanphanroxx: so what can i do for you.
crazywigglyarms86: kyle told me you had some big black b-sides
steelydanphanroxx: uh yeah.
crazywigglyarms86: are they spooky
steelydanphanroxx: no.
crazywigglyarms86: why not
steelydanphanroxx: big black was never spooky. i mean, they were kind of creepy sometimes in that serial killer way.
crazywigglyarms86: i love serial killers
steelydanphanroxx: whatever floats yer boat, man.
crazywigglyarms86: so can i have them
steelydanphanroxx: what?
crazywigglyarms86: the b-sides
steelydanphanroxx: i guess
crazywigglyarms86: woooooooooooooooooo
steelydanphanroxx: hold on.
crazywigglyarms86: woooWOOOOOwooo
steelydanphanroxx: the fuck are you doing.
crazywigglyarms86: i'm scaring this guy
steelydanphanroxx: do you get paid for that?
crazywigglyarms86: no
steelydanphanroxx: me neither. ok:
crazywigglyarms86: fuck yah
steelydanphanroxx: so what else is going on?
crazywigglyarms86: nothing
steelydanphanroxx: SOG?
crazywigglyarms86 is offline.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

68. The Broadcasting System 12/14/09

1. "Picking Up Interference" - Trenchmouth - The Broadcasting System [Skene!]
2. "Tree House / School Bell (Part 1)" - Indian Ocean - Disco Not Disco 1
3. "Together Now" - Tricky - Nearly God
4. "Come On. Come On. (Don't Say Maybe)" - N.Y.C. Peech Boys - Dream White Island
5. "Satyagraha, Act I - Tolstoy/ Scene 3 - The Vow" - Philip Glass - Satyagraha
6. "Babylon" - Dr. John - Babylon
7. "Persistent Repetition of Phrases" - The Caretaker - Persistent Repetition of Phrases
8. "Joseph Looney" - Ollie Gilbert - Southern Journey Vol. 4: Brethren We Have Met Again [Folkways]
9. "Black Dust" - Hala Strana - Hala Strana
10. "Sarakhobor-I-Rast" - Academy of Maqam - Invisible Face of the Beloved
11. "What Goes On" - Velvet Underground - Live 1969, Vol. 1
12. "Qui sedes ad dexteram patris" - Francis Poulenc - Gloria
13. "Rosy Retrospection" - The Caretaker - Persistent Repetition of Phrases
14. "Rugindir; Festive Chant" - Unknown - The Demonstration Collection of E.M. von Hornbostel and the Berlin Phonogram-Archiv [Folkways]
15. "Ghost Bitch/I'm Insane/Justice is Might" - Sonic Youth - Bad Moon Rising
16. "Ka'upena Wong / A Ko'olau au 'ike i ka ua" - Unknown - Hawaiian Drum Dance Chants: Sounds of Power in Time [Folkways]
17. "Do The Mussolini (Headkick) (They Kill Him)" - Cabaret Voltaire - Methology '74/'78: The Attic Tapes
18. "Poor Enunciation" - The Caretaker - Persistent Repetition of Phrases
19. "Kerejing" - Arjasa, Western Kangean Island, 6/5/41 - Music for the Gods: The Fahnestock South Sea Expedition: Indones [Folkways]
20. "Mansion" - The Fall - This Nation's Saving Grace [Rough Trade]
21. "Men 2nd" - Wire - On Returning [EMI]
22. "Pushin'" - Pere Ubu - London Texas
23. "Peace Peace Peace" - Soul-Junk - 1951
24. "Interference" - Trenchmouth - The Broadcasting System [Skene!]

Saturday, February 6, 2010

67. The Broadcasting System, 12/7/09

In case you were wondering what these are, The Broadcasting System is my show over at WTJU, where I've been a DJ for the last, what, 15 years or so? You can listen live, call in, whatever. It happens on alternating Mondays from 1400-1600 (EST). There are a lot of really great shows there, so be sure to check the schedule. I wouldn't have been exposed to 1% of the music I love were it not for WTJU.

1. "Picking Up Interference" - Trenchmouth - The Broadcasting System [Skene!]
2. "Shakytriggerfinger" - Switchhitter - Framed! [Academy]
3. "The Eiger" - Oneida - The Wedding [Jagjaguwar]
4. "Fast Money Music" - Suicide - The Second Album
5. "Evangelist" - Ut - In Gut's House
6. "Dub" - Pylon - Hits
7. "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" - The Slits - Cut
8. "Germ Free Adolescents" - X Ray Spex - Germfree Adolescents
9. "Seasonata" - John V. - Sinfonia Psychedelica
10. "Dudes" - Sightings - Arrived in Gold, Arrived in Smoke [Load]
11. "Dungeon Master" - Quintron - These Hands of Mine [Bulb]
12. "God Bless America for What" - Swamp Dogg - Rat On!!
13. "Amen" - Rotary Connection - Rotary Connection
14. "Shake It Like a White Girl" - E.U - Livin' Large
15. "Trouble Funk Express" - Trouble Funk - Early Singles
16. "Trianguli" - John V. - Sinfonia Psychedelica
17. "Polio" - Pterodactyl - Pterodactyl [Brah]
18. "No Furture" - Rah Brahs - Whohm [Lovitt]
19. "Kamloops" - Flin Flon - A-Ok [TeenBeat]
20. "Dracula Mountain" - Lightning Bolt - Wonderful Rainbow [Load]
21. "Lovefingers" - Silver Apples - Silver Apples
22. "Extra CD Track" - Ultra Vivid Scene - Ultra Vivid Scene [4AD]
23. "Bauchredner" - Gastr del Sol - Upgrade and Afterlife [Drag City]
24. "Interference" - Trenchmouth - The Broadcasting System [Skene!]