Monday, April 18, 2011

79. The Sex Train (Kid Creole Presents: The Former 12-Year Old Genius)

next stop: sex. all aboard for: sex. all cars for: sex. destination: ultimate pleasure. next stop: sex. ticket please, sir.

here you are.

very nice, sir. a lifetime pass. a real grand tour, sir?

don't you know it.

bent over the backboard with a ball gag is very nice this time of year.

it most certainly is. you can hear the fucking thirty miles down the coast some nights.

i really do like it. any time of year, but . this is especially nice right now. boy do i love my job, and i love this train, the sex train.

i don't know why more people aren't on it.

who can say? people are funny, sir.

we all have our kinks, eh?

ha ha. you could say that, sir.

just did.

ha ha. good one, sir. well, i gotta move on down. next stop: sex, and you're on the mind-blowing fuckorama express, destination: blow your fucking mind. ticket, ma'am? very good.

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