Monday, March 22, 2010

73. That Scene in Trainspotting (Underworld - Born Slippy Mixes)

Do you remember the scene in Trainspotting where Franco and Migs decide they are going to hold up an ice cream truck and they're planning the whole thing but Migs is getting progressively more fucked up on nutmeg and meanwhile Franco has decided to go shopping and he gets into a pointless fracas in the produce section of Sainsbury's and then he gets back to where Migs is and Migs is vomiting what smells like a brandy alexander into Franco's favorite fern and he (Migs) turns to Franco and says, "Ay, Franco, 'there is some married woman who will commit suicide in case her husband fails in business.' This evidently goes far beyond saying that if every married man fails in business some married woman will commit suicide. Yet note that since the Graph is on Metal it asserts a conditional proposition de inesse and only means that there is a married woman whose husband does not fail or else she commits suicide," and Franco says "och ay" and you think he's actually gonna be cool, like, open up to migs and not be such a "cunt" (a word that means something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in Wales which is where the movie is) but then he pulls a bottle of Buckfast fortified breakfast wine out of his cargo pants and drinks it and brains Migs because he (Franco) is an intractable asshole who can't over a darkie stealing his lucky string at recess when he was 8? Well, this was the song playing at the time (in the movie). And here are six mixes of that song for the next time you and your friends feel like recreating the scene in the privacy of your own apartment, squat, or Salvation Army dormitory.